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Antique Currency

Antique currency and vintage money are very collectible. We have multiple vendors showcasing fine vintage and antique coins and bills from around the world. We also buy antique money and appraise antique and vintage currency.

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These are some of the antique currency we have on display in our antiques and art mall in Southwest Florida. We showcase pieces from Gold Double Eagles, to Silver Dollars, from Silver Half Dollars & Silver Quarters to Indian Head Pennies, we have Civil War Bills and so much more including slabbed, proof & cameo collectible coins. Below we have a very small sample of the interesting antique coins & paper money we have displayed in our mall. Come by and see our extensive collections in person!

There are several coin dealers who display their antique coins at Gannon’s Antiques & Art Center. It is like having several coin stores under one roof. There are hundreds of coins to examine! These coin shops specialize in antique currency from the United States. You can find plenty of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, silver quarters and silver dimes. There are also silver half dollars, buffalo nickles and pennies, including Indian head pennies and early 2 cents and three cents coins.

Gold coins

Gold coins are of particular interest to advanced coin collectors. There are usually $20 double eagle gold coins, $10 eagle gold coins and several smaller denomination gold coins in stock. Rare coin values will depend on the scarcity and condition of the old coins. At Gannon’s Antiques there are many professionally slabbed coins, proof sets, circulated and uncirculated coins. Some of the most popular old coins are the Morgan silver dollars. They were issued from 1878-1921. The most sought after are from the Carson City mint. Peace silver dollars were issued next, from 1921-1935. Perhaps Morgan dollars are more prized because the value of old coins seems greater the older the date.


Silver coins

Silver coins that have a date before 1965 have a higher percentage of silver than the later ones and are therefore worth more, in general. Buffalo Nickles were minted from 1913-1935 by the United States treasury. They had a tendency to wear easily. If you look at the old coins, you will notice that many have a barely legible date. After the minimum required time of 25 years without congressional authorization, the design was changed to the Jefferson nickel.


Paper currency

Paper currency in the form of Civil War era bills, large notes, silver certificates and other collectible currency can be found in the showcases. It is a collector’s dream! The inventory changes all the time so if you are in the area and seeking to add to your coin collection, please stop by the store. They buy antique currency and look at the value of old coins everyday.