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Today diamond rings are the most common form of engagement ring in the United States. But diamond engagement rings only came into fashion around the 1930s. Actually, any ring as a symbol of engagement became the standard only in the late 1800’s. Before that, a token of betrothal may have been a ring or any other piece of jewelry. Some religions did not allow the wearing of jewelry so sewing thimbles were commonly given instead of an engagement rings.

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Vintage engagement rings have so much character and style. Monumental occasions are customarily hallmarked with treasured objects. One of life’s most special events is an engagement, a promise to share each other’s lives forever. Many people choose to mark this momentous occasion with a vintage engagement ring because they enjoy knowing that the antique engagement ring will most likely be different than ones their contemporaries will be wearing. The uniqueness factor is a great attraction. Also, the quality compared to the price is generally better when buying vintage engagement rings. Another worthy point for the ecologically minded, is that buying a vintage diamond ring is recycling the old and saving the world from having to use its resources to create a new ring. That is attractive to the green movement that wants to conserve our resources and energy.

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