Antique Dolls

Antique dolls case in our antiques mall

This is one of the cases we have in our antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art displaying antique dolls. We are also interested in buying antique dolls and buying rare vintage dolls.

Watch our video on this case of dolls from our antiques mall!

Antique Asian Armand Marseille Doll 8/0

Armand Marseille Asian Doll just into our antiques mall. It is in great condition with original clothes. The doll's head is bisque the body is composite and in good condition measuring about 8" long. The back of the head just below the long black hair is signed "AM 8/0". She has painted glass eyes and is wearing a gold kimono.

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This is just one of the many vintage dolls or antique dolls form our antiques mall we buy antique dolls and if you would like help with your dolls please contact us.

Antique Neapolitan Creche Dolls

Antique Neapolitan Creche Dolls Video.

This is an amazing collection of antique Neapolitan Creche Dolls just into our antiques mall. They are in great condition for their age. Please see our video we did on these incredible antique dolls. Click here to see all of our Antique Neapolitan Creche Dolls.

Collection of fine dolls just into our antiques mall!

This is a very nice collection of dolls from one local family. There are some great antique dolls here. We have a large antique German porcelain doll standing about 25" tall. There's also a Native American Indian doll and as you can see many more. These were well cared for throughout the many years and in great condition. This is just one purchase as Southwest Florida's most active antiques mall we buy nice vintage and antique dolls in on a regular basis.

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