Antique Buttons
Vintage and antique buttons from our antiques mall. We also buy antique buttons.

Antique buttons, Civil War buttons
This is a very nice collection of great antique buttons just into our antiques mall. Some of these well kept antiques are even Civil War buttons. All of the Civil War antiques are very collectible and theses antique buttons are quite collectible too. This is just a tiny amount of antique buttons from our antiques mall. We have a huge selection of vintage buttons and antique buttons. We also buy antique buttons and we buy Civil War buttons. Click here to see our Antique Buttons blog post!
Mid Cent Modern Buttons!
Here are some colorful buttons of assorted shapes made from materials like bakelite and vintage plastics. This is a nice board of great looking buttons for any collection.
Mother of pearl antique buttons!
These are very detailed antique mother of pearl buttons. As you can see these buttons feature very nice craftsmanship and look great.
Leo Popper & Sons antique buttons collection
Antique ButtonsThese antique buttons were made in the 1800s & early 1900s by Leo Popper & Sons. This card is in the collector's handwriting and tells about the pieces. You can see everything the card says in our Facebook Album.

Leo Popper & Sons antique glass buttons!

Spangled Art Glass
Leo Popper Shimmering Spangled
Art Glass Rare Shape!

Antique Art Glass Button
Orange & Silver
Rectangular Dome Art Glass!
Two amazing Leo Popper & Sons antique buttons. Both rare art glass pieces and both great antique glass buttons.

Leo Popper & Sons antique buttons!

Spangled Red & Silver
Leo Popper
Red & Silver Art Glass!

Antique Glass Button
Greens Art Glass
Leo Popper & Sons!
Leo Popper & Sons antique art glass buttons in great condition. Great antique buttons with very pretty colors.

Leo Popper & Sons antique buttons!

Orange & Silver Art Glass
Leo Popper Azure Blue
Orange & Silver Art Glass!

Antique Art Glass Button
Light Green Rectangular
Dome Art Glass!
Antique art glass buttons in excellent condition and amazing colors.

Antique Leo Popper & Sons glass buttons!

Silver & Blue Button
Sterling Silver & Powder Blue
Art Glass Triangle Shape!

Antique Art Glass Button
Black & Red Amazing
Rectangular Dome Art Glass!
Leo Popper antique art glass buttons in great condition with beautiful colors.

Antique buttons from our antiques mall!

Silver & Blue art glass
Leo Popper & Sons
Rare shape!

Cameo glass antique button
Rare Cameo Glass
Great details!
Two more nice antique buttons from our antiques mall. An antique art glass button and an antique cameo button.

Antique glass paperweight buttons!

Glass button flower
Glass paperweight
antique button
pretty flower.

Glass button stripes
Great condition
antique glass
paperweight button.
Two very nice antique glass paperweight buttons. One is a pretty flower and one blue stripes.

Horse Bridle buttons

Horse Bridal Buttons
Two very nice large
bridal buttons with
deep red backgrounds.

Horse Bridal Buttons
Bridal button
good condition
light horse image.
Large horse bridal buttons with nice image of horse in front of a deep red background. The vintage and antique bridal buttons are very collectible buttons.

Antique buttons , Metal assorted scenes

Metal Bee Keeper
Bee hive
Bees insects
Metal good detail.

Metal Griffin
Rare antique button.
Here are three very nice antique metal buttons that are very different from each other. Each is in good condition and shows nice details. One has an Asian scene, on a bee hive & bees, and one button has a griffin on it.

Two more nice metal antique buttons

Birds & Basket
Metal button
Nice Asian Scene
Crane, Amazing details!

Metal Cameo Mythology
Metal Cameo
Figural Head.
Here we have two metal antique buttons, one is a basket weave with three birds and one is a metal cameo button.

Antique metal buttons

Sagittarius Centaur
Sagittarius Jupitor
Two Sided Button.

Metal Victorian Button
Victorian Button
Old metal buttons. Antique button two sided with Astrology scenes and a metal Victorian button with a shell & bird.

Antique metal button & Mother of pearl button

Metal Wood Inlay
Metal button
Wooden Inlay

Mother of Pearl Last Supper
Mother of Pearl
Last Supper
Antique button.
Mythological button metal and wood antique button and a Very detailed mother of pearl button with Last Supper scene.